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We manage many tools

Projects, search for factories, negotiations, prices, quality control, precise measurements, quality, supply management, organization of the entire process, installation assistance - all this work is coordinated and will not cause difficulties.

Manufactured exclusively for your design

Selection of turn-key goods, production based on samples. We find the best professional solutions. Our specialists will conduct an in-depth analysis of your documentation and select the best factories for all positions of your project.

Construction and equipment of hotels

This is a responsible and serious business in which accuracy, estimated delievery time, transaction security and high quality of goods are very important. It is always important to find professionals and reliable in this business.

Finding factories is a long process and there could always be risks. We offer you to remove all risks by using our service.

Professional furniture production management in China

We can help you save your time and find only reliable factories to work with. We will select the best options for your project; with us you can make a project of any complexity.

Negotiation with suppliers

Negotiations with factories usually take a huge amount of time and bring a lot of negative emotions. It is not so easy to choose the best and reliable supplier. It is especially important that the product matches the one you ordered. Finding a supplier by yourself is a huge waste of time, financial risk and inconvenience, no matter there is one or more suppliers.

Saving time and money on communication with suppliers

One project consists of a large number of decorative elements, furniture, building supplies, bathrooms, doors and other goods. All these components are produced in many factories. Besides no factory makes everything on turn-key basis. You'd need to call factories, choose, negotiate, and there are a lot of factories. Imagine how long it will take.

What about risks?

Not every supplier will provide production without defects, and there is no guarantee that you won't fall victim of scammers. Not all manufacturers speak English, but when it comes to exact sizes, colors and materials ... You need precision and insight.

As you can see, buying on your own is a lot of work, time and risks. We offer you a much simplier solution.

«For each element from the project, there may be more than a hundred factories in China. Our work is a delicate process of searching for optimal solutions individually for each project.

Buying with us, you will get a simplified search for factories and professional service for supplying hostels, hotels, restaurants and other facilities.»


The scope

Why risk millions of dollars when you can trust professionals and get excellent results. We are not a factory or trading company. We provide comprehensive services for searching for the best factories and a full cycle of equipping premises with furniture, building supplies and related products.

With us you will get the best results and turn-key basis work. You will not need to meaninglessly negotiate with factories, waste time traveling and choosing from 1000 suppliers those you want in terms of price and quality.

Our specialists will analyze your project and select the best factories for all positions of your project. Our experience is more than 18 years. As well as participation in the implementation of the largest projects and hotels in the world.

How we work


Our business development team will evaluate your project vision by assessing functionality, style, budget and goals. Our team can provide in-depth analysis of the local market and competition, and provide recommendations on how to maximize opportunities within a given region.


Our designers will help turn your concept into reality. We work with your chosen design studio, or supply a leading international design studio for you, or we can create the design drawings and specifications ourselves to suit your concept.


We strive to save money on the layout and production of guest rooms and public spaces. We can help reduce costs by identifying spatial efficiencies and using alternative materials in discreet areas, such as faux leather on the back of a leather sofa, without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.


Our team will prepare a comprehensive proposal based on the final technical specifications. project assignments that meet the project budget, timeline, and aesthetic goals. Our contracts are drawn up in accordance with international certification and quality assurance standards.


The main focus of our company is teamwork. Each of our production teams works as a team to realize your vision and plan. Our teams are also committed to completing projects within budget and without customer complaints as quickly as possible.


If you come to us with a design concept you've seen somewhere else before, we'll take those images and your ideas and turn them into a finished project. We will produce accurate drawings and select documents with specifications to check the quality of such elements as: materials, carpentry processing, execution of decorative parts and others.


We supply materials from all over the world through suppliers we have worked with for years. Our production systems allow us to complete the interior design with 100 rooms in just 45 days. Before production, we build mock-up rooms that can be viewed in our factory and in the exhibition hall.


Our partners produce exquisite custom-made furniture in factories. We prepare initial samples and then, once approved, launch a full line of furniture that will perfectly match your specifications. We contract with a network of exceptional suppliers of fasteners, hardware and components to complement your design without modification.


Our project team closely monitors every aspect of production, testing materials, examining samples and inspecting finished products to ensure everything is done accordingly to certified documents. During this time, we collaborate with the designers, ensure that progress is in line with the production schedule, and keep the client updated on all work 24/7.


We are connected to a network of trusted suppliers to ensure safe transportation. We control the packaging of all goods to protect them from damage. We contract with a local partner for the installation work and send our engineer to the site to oversee the assembly and implementation.


You will have manager throughout the entire process, from concept planning and quotation to furniture production and installation. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions and exemplary service that exceeds expectations.


Once all of your project components are created, shipped and assembled, we will take care of any post-production issues and continue to ensure your hotel opens without a hitch. Our goal is to serve your business time and time again with the perfect solutions for you and your guests.


  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Finishing walls and ceilings
  • Bedding and mattresses
  • Door accessories
  • Sets of other components


  • A guest room
  • Corridor
  • Lobby
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Conference hall
  • Office area
  • Open terraces
  • Gym, SPA

We offer:


Search for the best production of furniture, fittings and equipment - from all over the world. We leverage our robust supply network to provide you with the best options for your project.

We'll provide the best price and completion time so your project will be complete when you need it. We are your one-stop supplier for tailor-made and pre-designed end-to-end solutions.

We have extensive experience in purchasing operating materials and equipment. These include: glassware, silverware, bed linens, bath accessories, staff uniforms, room cleaning and guest service equipment, as well as entertainment systems for in-room convenience and relaxation.


We employ local installation crews with a good reputation in the industry. All installation projects are carried out in accordance with health and safety regulations, including risk management assessments and regular on-site inspections.

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